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Grow Amsterdam can help establish or improve apartment building recycling programs, ensuring that they meet city requirements and facilitate proper recycling by tenants by providing training for building staff and education workshops for tenants.


Some general rules of thumb are:

  1. Locate the main recycling area in your building. It will usually be close to where the trash is collected. If this isn’t possible, post a sign above trash bins directing residents to the recycling area.

  2. Clearly label all recycling bins and add detailed signs to help separate recyclables. It's important to replace any signage if it gets damaged or worn out.

  3. Place additional recycling bins everywhere where recyclables might be discarded, such as near mailboxes, and in laundry rooms and common areas.

  4. It's important to keep building staff and residents up to date about current recycling information. Review all recycling procedures with staff and discuss what's working and what needs to be changed.

  5. Make sure to provide recycling information to new residents and with every lease renewal. Help motivate compliance with recycling rules by attaching a recycling rider on leases, agreements, and renewal notices.

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