Our Mission

Grow Amsterdam NY Inc., a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, was formed for the beautification and betterment of Amsterdam NY and its environs. 

The mission of Grow Amsterdam NY is to conserve, create, and empower community managed greenspace through outreach programs and environmental education.


Our History

Grow Amsterdam NY was inspired by the creation of the community garden at 78 Wall Street. The community garden sparked a vision of seeing greenspaces throughout the city and beyond. We decided we were committed to creating green spaces within the city and realized we need to form a 501(c)(3) organization not-for-profit to do things right. 


At first, coming up with a name was difficult. They were too long, cumbersome and limited. We wanted a name that was simple and limitless. Bernadette was inspired by GROWNYC an organization from her hometown in Brooklyn, NY. They sponsor community gardens through-out the 5 boroughs and environmental education programs to educate all city resident and so much more. They are doing great things in NYC.


Grow Amsterdam NY was incorporated during the Spring of 2016. 


Working Together

Amsterdam Free Library

Grow Amsterdam NY partners with the Amsterdam Free Library to provide workshops of interest to the Amsterdam community. We've had great turnout for workshops on composting, recycling, and alternative cleaning products.

Grow Amsterdam NY and Friends of the Amsterdam Free Library share table space at local events to promote each others program and work.


Schoharie River Center 

The Schoharie River Center Environmental Study Team worked with Grow Amsterdam NY on the Amsterdam Free Library waste audit. After a short training the Environmental Studies Team members with friends of the library "dug in" and sorted the library's trash. Grow Amsterdam NY led a tour to County Waste's Albany Single Stream Material Recovery Facility (SMRF) where everyone learned first hand about what happened to stuff you tossed in the recycling bin.




Grow Amsterdam NY relies on community involvement to keep the community garden running. We'd like to thank the following:


Lionel & Deborah Gibbs

Lowe's of Amsterdam

Mary Hill Farm Alpacas

Adirondack Tree Service

Ferguson and Foss Professional Land Surveyors

Down by the River Kayak Rental

Home Depot of Amsterdam

Scotch Bush Herb & Tree Farm




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Home Composting Webinar Scheduled

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Community composting continues in the city

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Grow Amsterdam NY presents compost plans to council

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Grow Amsterdam NY held a pumpkin smashing event on Saturday

November 3, 2019 - The Mohawk Valley Compass











Bottle Drive held to raise funds for Eagle Scout project

June 25, 2019 - The Recorder

Community garden group gets $18k grant

October 30, 2018 - The Leader Herald


Couple spearheads Amsterdam Community Garden

August 28, 2018 - Channel 13 News

Community Garden Growing on Amsterdam's Wall st.

August 10, 2018 - The Recorder


Board of Directors


Bernadette Twente


Bernadette's enthusiasm for the community is the spark for Grow Amsterdam NY. Where others see overgrown vacant lots, Bernadette sees vibrant community spaces where neighbors gather to grow food and build community. Her vision combines her passion for gardening, composting, and recycling. Bernadette's professional experience in property management and real estate sales brings knowledge about land acquisition and management to Grow Amsterdam NY. Her other interests include finding new uses for old things, baking bread, and spending time with her  grandchildren. 

Jessica Magaldi


Jessica’s excitement for Grow Amsterdam NY comes from her enthusiasm to foster and participate in a community that is committed to sustainable living, community education, and respect for our planet and those who inhabit it.  Jessica can’t keep even the sturdiest of houseplants alive but she has a passion for composting that began in 2002 when she started sharing her apartment with thousands of roommates, a bin of red wriggler worms that thrives to this day. Jessica brings her advocacy and teaching skills to the work of Grow Amsterdam NY from her day jobs as a lawyer and college professor. 

Tom Twente


Tom brings his extensive experience with community designed open space, gardening and organizational governance to the creation of Grow Amsterdam NY. Tom's interests include promoting local sustainable family farms, securing green space for urban communities and teaching people about gardening, compost, and the environment.


Annual Reports
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