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78 Wall St.
Community Garden

Working on getting the community involved in taking care of local gardens that grow fresh produce. Helping our neighbors build relationships by growing gardens.

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Community Garden
Beginning stages of building a community garden

Our Story

Grow Amsterdam NY started with an empty lot where a house used to stand; 78 Wall Street. 


Bernadette saw the empty lot's potential and purchased it to turn it into a community garden. She asked her husband Tom and her friend Jessica to partner with her to start a not-for-profit. To emphasize her commitment to maintaining it as open space, she leased it to Grow Amsterdam NY for $1/year for 10 years. 


Bernadette and Tom made a banner and hung it up at the garden to meet their neighbors. They met some great people who visited the garden and helped plant some flowers.


The first year Bernadette and Tom gardened in straw bales. This cutting edge technique requires no soil and keeps the vegetables separated from the soil. Vegetables should not be grown in soil that has not been tested for heavy metals and contaminants. 


The following year Bernadette and Tom used old kiddie pools to grow vegetables in, with soil they bought and compost from their home composting operation. Neighbors donated flowers and their time and helped plant flowers.


In the third year, Bernadette decided to donate the materials to build raised beds out of untreated lumber. Once the first box was set up, a neighbor asked for one. After that box was built, another neighbor asked for one. Lowe's of Amsterdam generously donated soil for another box and Home Depot of Amsterdam donated $25 towards other supplies. Scotch Bush Herb and Tree farm donated vegetables and flowers for the garden. Audrey from Down by the River Kayak Rentals donated $65 and Chris Foss of Foss and Ferguson Professional Land Surveyors donated his services and surveyed the boundaries of the garden. 


And a community garden was born.

Our Story

Working Together

Families and neighbors coming together to grow food in their neighborhood.

Working Together
Poems from my Garden

Goals for 2023


We are looking to expand the number of raised vegetable beds in the Community Garden.

Goals for 2019
Visit the Community Garden

Visit the Community Garden



Grow Amsterdam NY will include space in the Community Garden for milkweed and other native flowers to grow.  This provides a habitat for monarch butterflies and other beneficial pollinators. Read more about the Monarch Joint Venture to help conserve Monarch Butterflies and build habitats in the city. 

Senior Citizen Outreach

We plan on providing elevated beds for the senior citizens of Amsterdam who can no longer garden in the ground so they can come garden and reap the rewards of having fresh produce.



In July we will be harvesting Fall garlic from the shared plot for members of the Community Garden.

WE DID IT! 90 Garlic bulbs were harvested! 


Grow Amsterdam, NY will continue to fundraise for materials needed to build raised beds, and a garden tool shed. 



We will be making and installing compost tumblers and a dry/leaf composting area to make the Community Garden more self-sustainable.


Grow Amsterdam NY will host events to teach children and adults about, composting, recycling, growing food, and the environment. 


Continue Partnerships

We plan to maintain and grow relationships with the people, companies, and organizations that have shown interest in our efforts with the community garden and Compost Works program.

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